London based photographer


I have many years experience photographing within the corporate sector for company brochures, advertising and websites etc.

I also cover company parties, team building days, presentation ceremonies, product launches, conferences and various types of events. Working as a corporate photographer in London has given me the opportunity to visit many prestigious locations and work at events both large and small, ranging from over 1000 attendees to just a handful.

Geographically I predominantly cover London and the Home Counties. However, I have also photographed at conferences in Birmingham and Manchester and I am willing to travel anywhere within the UK.


Having a high quality corporate headshot is fundamental to building your professional profile, whether on a company website, company literature or social media. A good impression speaks volumes and encourages the viewer to read on. Apparently a Linked-In profile is 14 times more likely to be viewed, simply by having a professional profile image.

There is an option to set up a studio background and light on your premises. This can be a cost effective way of getting a lot of staff photographed in a day.

Although I am based on the outskirts of London, I travel anywhere nationally and with the first 100 miles of travel free.

If you would like an estimate or chat about a future project, please call or email me.

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